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(Sports & Recycling Programs)

- In existence since 2011.
- A program led by sports director Alvaro Rocha of Virgen Morena school.
- Designed to encourage students to be athletic while requiring their enrollment in classes
and to participate in monthly trash collections of their school's communities.
- Led out of PRE's sporting office in Virgen Morena. 
- Sporting equipment has been sourced from donations given to PRE as well as purchased.
- The number of teams involved in Movimiento Deportivo Escolar (MDE) vary annually from 6 - 12, 
while PRE supports additional sports teams apart from those in MDE.
- Trash collections are coordinated with approximately 10 schools monthly while PRE gives 
trash collection supplies to any schools that request them. 
- PRE donates approximately 400 bio-degradable trash bags per month, trash collection tools,
and then coordinates the collection of trash and recyclables with a municipal government 
truck per month.
- PRE and Alvaro Rocha are working to attain more assistance from the municipal government
in order for them to take over the duties that MDE fulfills.
- To date, MDE has helped collect approximately 9,500 bags of trash and recyclables as of July, 2014.
- Total cost: 153,394.8 cordobas ($6670)