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(Preschool, Primary, and Secondary School)

Help for the school included:
- The repair and repainting of three classrooms, including their windows and doors.
- Help with a computer lab; 8 desks, 10 backup batteries.
- 5 new doors, hinges, locks, frames,paint and new siding for latrines.
- New HP printer, printer cartridges, and printer cable.
- Notebooks and paint for classroom repairs.
- 265 requested MINED curriculum books.
- Book costs 32,600 cordobas ($1480)
- The construction of a new water tower and repair of the play ground.
- Repair of the schools chain link fence
- The reconstruction of the school's 4 oldest classrooms, including the rebuilding of walls, 
windows, door frames, and finishing paint. 
- Total cost: 115,662 cordobas ($4819).