Useful Sites About Nicaragua:

Overview information about Nicaragua, from the CIA World Factbook, click here.

The Municipality of Tola's official tourist-friendy website.

Nicaraguan Institute for Municipalities:
To find a pdf info sheet about the municipality of Tola follow this link:
Link to information about Tola and then click on Tola in the map.
Nicaraguan National Plan for Human Development:
The Nicaraguan government's plans to increase development and education can be seen here.
The Nicaraguan Ministry of Education (MINED):
To learn about the Mininstry's website, and what their goals are click here.
The National Nicaraguan Institute of Development Information (INIDE):
A pdf with census information about all aspects of life in Tola.
The Nicaraguan Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI):
Here's a great map of Tola. One can also find maps for the rest of Rivas municipalities and Nicaragua through this link.
A link about Tola, found at
Fundacion Aprender:
Another group doing fantastic work in the town of Las Salinas in Tola Their work is focused around their 3 Ernestos Library, and now a new sports court.