Nicaraguan Institute for Municipalities:
To find a pdf info sheet about the municipality of Tola follow this link:
Link to information about Tola and then click on Tola in the map.
Nicaraguan National Plan for Human Development:
The Nicaraguan government's plans to increase development and education can be seen here.
The Nicaraguan Ministry of Education (MINED):
To learn about the Mininstry's website, and what their goals are click here.
The National Nicaraguan Institute of Development Information (INIDE):
A pdf with census information about all aspects of life in Tola.
The Nicaraguan Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI):
Here's a great map of Tola. One can also find maps for the rest of Rivas municipalities and Nicaragua through this link.
Overview information about Nicaragua, from the CIA World Factbook, click here.
Tola's new, official, and tourist-friendy website.
A link about Tola, found at
Fundacion Aprender:
Another group doing fantastic work in the town of Las Salinas in Tola Their work is focused around their 3 Ernestos Library, and now a new sports court.