The Region

The municipality of Tola, Nicaragua is a rural area that is subject to the hardships of poverty and is located  in the most southwest region of Nicaragua, on the Pacific coast in the department of Rivas. It has an area of 476 square kilometres and an approximate population of 22,874 people, as of 2008 (MTI, 2009). It is a very rural area, with an agriculturally based culture and Pacific Ocean coastline that allows some fishing and attraction of tourists. Nicaragua as a country is quite poor, and listed as the second poorest in the western hemisphere, behind Haiti. The country has endured a tumultuous recent history, including the revolution of 1979 that overthrew the Somoza dictatorship and introduced a new republic, heavily influenced by the power holding Sandinista party (CIA, 2012).
Nicaragua's economic situation leaves its government at times struggling to cover all the needs of its citizens, particularly of those in remote rural locations such as in the municipality of Tola. Therefore PRE respectfully coordinates work with the local government and ministry of education in Tola, while also working to help cover the needs of those most difficult to reach in outlying areas.

 Many of the citizens of Tola do not receive a complete formal education. This can lead to missed opportunities for employment and private enterprise that an education allows, leaving them less able to take advantage of their region’s opportunities
The students, schools, and citizens of Tola are not lacking ambition, but resources, and PRE's work involves giving communities the tools for them to change their educational opportunities through community organized work, and the assistance with physical donations of key supplies crucial to elevating the quality of Tola's education.

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