PRE is continuously searching for funds, here's why:
  • PRE facilitates change in communities of Nicaragua by helping organize reconstruction of dilapidated schools and the construction of new schools. This is through organizing community volunteers and providing construction materials purchased locally from the area.

  • Many schools have had understocked or no textbooks. 
    PRE is fundraising in order to supply the equivalent of at least 1 new Nicaraguan textbook for every 4 students for each subject and class, which will be kept in the schools and used for future years. Average book costs are around $7/book!

Why a donation to PRE does so much:
  • PRE does not pay any U.S. staff, every dollar donated to PRE goes directly towards its mission, projects, and its small staff in Nicaragua.
  • Items such as building materials and school supplies cost less in Nicaragua than in the U.S. and therefore donations stretch even further when used "in country". 
  • PRE's work in a varied communities of Tola supports local economies, purchasing materials from many different suppliers.

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Recurring Payments:

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PRE (Proyecto Remedios Educativos)
200 W. 34th Ave. #380 Anchorage, AK 99503

How far a donation can go:
$5  Helps provide a class textbook for a Nicaraguan classroom.
$50  will buy 5 bags of cement for construction.
$200  Is a large donation and enough to provide a new set of textbooks for an entire classroom in one of Tola's schools.
$225  pays our contractor for 1 month.
$300  will pay for 35 gallons of paint.
$500  can pay for the construction of a metal water tower.
$7500  covers the approximate cost of a new classroom!