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Greece to Norway on Bicycle

June 12th, 2011

    With PRE's work in Nicaragua slowed down for the 2011 rainy season, PRE's founder Espen Haugen has found himself in Greece where he attended an amazing wedding and enjoyed a great vacation, but now it is time to head north to Norway.

    Oddly, Espen has chosen to travel the approximately 2,400 miles from Greece to Norway by bicycle! This huge challenge will serve as a great adventure for Espen while allowing him to spread the word of PRE across Europe, raise funds for PRE, and experience new cultures firsthand.

Follow his progress via the google map below and make a pledge to PRE for each mile that Espen will ride!

Espen will also be updating the newsfeed on the PRE home page with pictures and mileage counts as often as internet access permits.

*This trip course is approximate and might very well change due to conditions that arise, but please make a pledge if you can, as Espen could use the extra motivation to bike all the way to Norway!
**If Espen decides to throw in the towel and grab a train to Norway he will announce what his last mile mile marker was for total pledge mileage... But that isn't going to happen because Espen is a biking machine!

Greece to Norway Route

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